Miss Fischer's Classroom Website

Hello 4th graders! My name is Miss Brandi Fischer, and I will be teaching 4th grade math, grammar, writing, and an RTI reading group this year. I graduated with my degree in Elementary Education from Westminster College in Fulton this past May. I have lived and grown up in Fulton my whole life and am very excited to be teaching in Mexico this year! I have met many of the teachers at Hawthorne Elementary and excited to work with such great teachers!

This year will be an exciting yet challenging one for us all as I expect a lot from you and I hope you are expecting a lot from me also.

This website will provide you with many useful links and discussion boards to talk with classmates regarding the materials we will be learning in class. I hope you use these tools as much as you can because they will help us all grow and learn together.

The first day of school is August 19!